Gray Water Systems

With the water restriction that are in place a grey water system can take all the normal good waste water and utilize it in the application of watering the garden, refilling your toilet reservoir basically cutting out the waste of water that could theoretically be used again. A gray water system also saves you money on your monthly water spend. Save water – Save Money go Gray.

Gray Water Systems

Stagnant water on the lawns can be a pain, Your lawn can suffer from the excess water and being submersed, You cant mow your lawn through puddles of water and kids, guests and pets keep trampling mud into the house and on pavings from the muddy mess. If any of these apply to your situation then there are a few options.

Our French Draining System:

A installation is made under the grass carpet, that serves to drain the water out of lawns, A french draining system can have one of 2 setups. Draining or Dispersing.

Draining: A pipe can be run from the network that can help drain the water off to a pond or simply a run off.

Dispersing: this system typically gets installed in low lying lawns that has no possible means of draining the water. The system is then setup to disperse the water underground in a more effective way.

For maximum results the system can be linked into a Dry Well, Or Gray Water System.

Dry Well

A Dry Well is simply a holding tank that allows the water to be collected and released in a controlled manner into the soil. The setup is installed similar to a french draining system but the manner it manages big volumes of water. The tanks get installed under ground and is typically covered with aggregate to allow for slow draining of the water. The holding capacity can be upgraded as required if for any reason the requirements change. The Dry Well’s primary goal is to catch and hold the first 10 – 15 minutes of hard rain.