News / Notification

Draft 18/03/2022

Good day Jet Set Clients.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their loyal support.
May I please ask all clients that need things done in the gardens or arrangements made in any
way, shape, or form to be WhatsApped to Ruaan on 0826141777. This will enable the owner to
keep track of arrangements and promises made to clients and be kept. I also check the guy’s
OB books and keep it updated myself. Pictures are welcome to.
We are also trying to keep a competitive service in a very uncertain economy, and this can only
be achieved if Forman are left to do their work and focus on the tasks at hand. A strict time
schedule is supplied to the Forman that has been tried and tested by the Owner Ruaan and this
schedule will ensure good quality service at an affordable price and sustainability over a long
period. Please send notifications or requests on a times manner to enable planning to take
We have also noticed it’s getting increasingly hard to service client’s gardens in January after
having a 2-week close over this period. For this reason, we have decided that a 2-week close in
July will be better with a one week close in December. This is still in line with the service level
agreement and ensure a great looking garden all year round.
Please also note that this winter we will be focusing on the things we don’t get to in the rainy
season. Reshaping of trees and shrubbery. DE weeding lawns, cleaning of perimeter walls and
palisades of any unwanted spiderwebs, Cats claw Etc.
Ruaan is also working full time on the gardens and will be periodically swapping out with the
Forman for quality checks and interaction with clients about their experiences and plans for the
gardens going forward. The teams will not change only the Forman that you have with Ruaan for
short intervals.
Please also note that all our activity for the year has already been uploaded to our webpage under Important Dates. Please, if possible, save the link and view
this page for any updates. Every event is saved here for record purposes. Even unforeseen
issues that affect our service. I.e., Strike actions, Thunder or Lightning that disrupted service etc.
I am sure we will be able to move from strength to strength with this new business model and
hope all our clients will assist us in making this service not only hassle free but give you value for money.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support and cooperation.


Ruaan Byleveld

Draft 02/10/2021


Hi all Jet Set Clients

Ruaan Here.

I want to take this opportunity on behalf of Me and the Staff at Jet Set, for your ongoing support and valued Input we have received this year. Jet Set wants to go from strength to strength and would like to share some valuable information.

Communication: Our communication in the past year was lacking a bit and information did not always get to its intended destination, This prompted a serious change and we instituted the following solutions that have already showed a significant improvement.

OB Book: Forman have an OB Books in there vehicles and occurrences and requests for our clients get recorded in these books. Forman have to read the OB Book entries before entering a clients garden, enabling the forman for the day to know exactly what clients have requested, and also promises made to clients get carried out.

Whatssap: I want to thank the clients that have been using this channel of communication. Clients send a whatssap to the owner Me on 0826141777 with any suggestions/temp requests/complaints/concerns and this info gets recorded in the OB Books and notifications made on our internal messaging system. This also enables the Ruaan to be part of the process and ensure accountability for solutions. I really like being involved and ensuring we can get to our mission and vision of the company.

Back Ground: For the past 3 years we have been trying to remain competitive in the market and decided to not do any increases on premiums. Unfortunately this has had an affect in the quality of service, visual appearance of our assets and also the general our look on business. WE are working on a new model for the business that will not only enable us to remain competitive but will also increase performance and ultimately have an overall increase of quality. We will be increasing staff on our service vehicles but please keep in mind with the same principals we have followed before. Safety. Staff Police Clearance, Proof of Address, Copy of Fingerprints and Only permanently employed Individuals.

Current teams. 1 Forman and 3 Staff Per team.

Future teams: 1 Forman and 6 Staff Per team.

This configuration will enable us to cut service time almost in half with out any drop in quality of service provided. We are fully Insured and are up to date with UIF and COID for our staff. I have converted my bakkie in a service vehicle/Mechanical shop ready for any equipment failures to assist our teams in the field if and when required. Backup equipment are also available at the office to keep down time to a minimum. Spare NP200 Vehicle is on standby incase and vehicle breakdowns occur increasing our reliability and hopefully our credibility by our clients.

We would value feedback on experience of service or suggestions that might arise. WE have a rock solid Forman team and together with a passionate drive to succeed I am sure your experience will only improve even further. Our clients really matter to us and this business would not be possible with out each and every one of you.

Premiums: We have considered all avenues with this change but with fuel prices having gone up from 2019 to Dec 2021 from 14.01 L “95 to the current 20.07 L “95 we will unfortunately need to increase garden service premiums. We will affective 1 March 2022 be increasing premiums with 5.5%.

I wish all our clients a verry Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2022. May you all be safe and if the “Lord” permits, return us safely for what is shaping up to be a great year.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing Business.


Ruaan Byleveld (0826141777)