Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to land for the purpose of agricultural production. Effective irrigation will influence the entire growth process from seedbed preparation, germination, root growth, grass growth, nutrient utilization, plant growth and regrowth, yield and quality.

Another type of home irrigation system is the automatic system. Installing such a system often involves substantial plumbing and wiring. Sprinklers, either rotating or stationary, are often placed in a line. Usually, they recede into the ground when not in use and pop up when they are turned on. This system can be put on an automated timer or be controlled manually.

Drip systems are another type of landscape irrigation strategy that may be used by some homeowners. While they are just beginning to gain popularity in the home irrigation market, they have been used commercially by farmers and professional landscapers for years. This system’s main advantages are that it puts the water exactly where it is needed with minimal evaporation, and it can be easily hidden, allowing onlookers to enjoy the landscaping without ever seeing it is being watered. As with the automatic system, permanent plumbing will be needed.

Those who are considering a home irrigation system may wish to check with a Jet Set Landscapes consultant for advice. Some types of systems may be more effective than others, depending on the geographic location and the topography of the individual yard. Other things, such as the time the yard is watered, will also have an effect. For example, choosing to water in the early mornings or late evenings reduces water loss caused by evaporation.

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